Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 2

Today we left OH around 6 am ... We traveled through Indiana, Illinois, through Missouri, and on into Kansas... We have stopped over for the night in Junction city... Got some swimming and hot tubbing in to relax ... Kids are now in bed and I'm about to head there myself but wanted to update ...

I am Feeling super blessed because all of the hotels are booked out totally for 100 miles ... There's some kind of country fest and military stuff going on,  with deployments etc.... It was so God that we got this room ... I just happened to call ahead of time to make sure that they had a room available,  which we had planned not to do, just in case we wanted to go further than anticipated if we felt like it... But something told me we needed to stay in this area, and to call ahead and sure enough there was one cancellation,  literally called five minutes before I did...

We hit no traffic again, no bad weather, and despite a few grouchy mood the kids and the dog has been amazing... I've probably been more uptight than anyone... Lol ... But really I just want to get to California...

Here is a photo bomb of the day much as I could get anyway - in between dealing with kids and dogs and bathroom breaks and snacks,  switching movies over and of course being the navigator..

This is how far we have gone since yesterday morning :) about half way there!!! 

Random pics -

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